The Church: The living body of Christ 
Hierarchy, institution, authority, Bride of Christ, Christ as the head, and how we -- as members -- participate in the Body

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Reasons To Believe (Foundational, Focus on second half), First Comes LoveRome Sweet Home 

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The Eucharist Source & SummitGod the Father Calls His Children, The Four Marks of the Church, The Rise and fall of the Old Testament ChurchThe Spirit of Scripture,The Church as Our One True HomeThe Church as The Family of God,

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The Splendor of the Church

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The Church's Five Wounds

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Articles: The Church is ApostolicThe Church is CatholicThe Church is HolyThe Church is OneThe Splendor of the ChurchThat They May All Be One: The Difference The Church MakesWithout the Church There is No Salvation

Books: The Resilient Church: The Glory, the Shame, & the Hope for Tomorrow by Mike Aquilina, Pilgrim Fellowship Of Faith: The Church As Communion by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, The Word, Church And Sacrament: In Protestantism And Catholicism by Louis Bouyer