Dr. Hahn has been blessed to receive the following episcopal endorsements:

“God's grace has worked powerfully in his life... I do not hesitate to recommend Scott Hahn's tapes to anyone seeking to follow the Lord more closely.”
– John Myers, Archbishop of Newark

“I have listened to all of Scott Hahn's tapes, and he is doing great work for the Church.”
– Roger Cardinal Mahony, Archbishop Emeritus of Los Angeles

In praise of Scripture Matters:

“Dr. Scott Hahn has a way, which is both readable and scholarly, of inspiring his readers to discover the great treasure of Scripture. His insights and contributions to biblical scholarship in this work will not go unnoticed or unappreciated. With the touch of a master’s pen, he explains some very important and yet complex concepts concerning the reliability, efficacy, meaning, and importance of Sacred Scripture for Catholics.
Those familiar with the work of Dr. Scott Hahn know that he has consistently contributed valuable insight into the meaning of Sacred Scripture. Scripture Matters follows in that tradition and confirms his place in today’s scholarly biblical debate.
It is easy to recommend Scripture Matters because, throughout the book, the deeply spiritual and profoundly scholarly work of Dr. Scott Hahn is evident. For someone who regularly turns to the pages of Sacred Scripture for spiritual nurture, or for someone who is only beginning to experience the goodness of God’s Word, Scripture Matters is a truly enriching contribution.
We should rejoice and thank God for the wondrous gift of God’s revelation to us in Sacred Scripture. We can also be grateful for scholars such as Scott Hahn, who help us open the Scriptures in continuity with the living Tradition of the Church.”
– Donald Cardinal Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington

In praise of the Catholic Bible Dictionary:

“Scott Hahn’s writings and conferences have been so effective in bringing Catholics closer to Sacred Scripture. His valuable Catholic Bible Dictionary will be another big help to faithful Catholics who have taken seriously the Church’s encouragement to become immersed in God’s Word.”
– Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York

“Catholic Bible Dictionary is a timely, academically solid and user-friendly response to the call of the Synod of Bishops on the Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church for the development of ways of helping the faithful more fully access the treasures of the Bible."
– Donald Cardinal Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington

“Over the last 20 centuries, no book has been researched, pondered, and prayed over as intensely as the Bible. Dr. Hahn has done all these things himself; but, more importantly, he has studied the work of many generations of Christians and Jews who have gone before him. Then he gathered the best of all that study to help you in your own reading. Because we’re Catholic, we need to become biblically literate. We need to know the Bible well because we hunger for abundant life – because we want to know Jesus, which is the same thing. Scott Hahn does a superb job of feeding his readers with the Word of God in this immensely useful guide.”
– Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., Archbishop of Philadelphia

In praise of Understanding Our Father:

“With remarkable clarity, keen personal insight, and solid catechesis, Dr. Scott Hahn once more takes the reader into a critical element of the faith: the nature and importance of prayer. His personal meditations on the Lord’s Prayer combined with theological reflections from four saints and Fathers of the Church, are refreshing to the soul – nearly as refreshing as prayer itself.”
– Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York

“Scott Hahn, in the first part of this book, draws on the experience of his own journey of faith, which led him to the Catholic Church, and on the wisdom of the Church Fathers to throw light on the essential spirit of prayer found in the Our Father. The extracts from Saints Cyprian, Cyril of Jerusalem, John Chrysostom, and Augustine, which make up the second part of the book, are a precious source of insight into Christian prayer. I hope the book will be used by many families, for those who use it will find their life with God strengthened and enriched.”
– the late Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I., Archbishop Emeritus of Chicago

“By blending his own scriptural insights on the Lord’s Prayer with the thoughts of four great Church Fathers, Professor Hahn writes a prescription for what ails many of our families – too little prayer. I urge husbands and wives to read and discuss this book and share its wisdom with their children by devotedly praying the Our Father as a family every day. Immeasurable blessings will follow.”
– Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., Archbishop of Philadelphia

In praise of Lord, Have Mercy:

“Scott Hahn’s Lord, Have Mercy is a thoughtful exposition of the sacrament of confession. With a lively blend of personal insights and theological acumen, this gifted author gets to the heart of the mater of confession: how it is anticipated in the Old Testament, how it is presented in the New Testament, and how necessary it is for the spiritual life today. I recommend this book to all who desire a clear and elegant presentation of the Church’s understanding of confession.”
– the late Edward Cardinal Egan, Archbishop Emeritus of New York

“Lord, Have Mercy is a terrific resource pastors and catechists can employ to bring adult Catholics to a mature understanding of sacramental forgiveness and to frequent confession of their sins. The book’s honest and lively style will appeal to Catholics everywhere.”
– Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., Archbishop of Philadelphia

In praise of Swear to God:

“This book, easy to read but profound in its implications, draws on the Bible, on Catholic teaching, patristic wisdom, and rabbinical learning to explain the meaning and importance of sacraments. What the author tells of his own discovery and experience of sacramental life is illuminating and heartwarming. It will help Catholics grasp better the wonder and necessity of sacraments in God’s plan of salvation and allow other Christians to see their significance for the following of Christ.”
– the late Francis Cardinal George, OMI, Archbishop Emeritus of Chicago

“Dr. Hahn has done it once again: He has given us a crisp, clear, and compelling look at the very essence of Catholic life, the sacraments. Simply put, Scott believes the sacraments really do work. And he believes that the sacraments are God’s work for us, not our work for God.”
– Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York

“In Swear to God, Dr. Scott Hahn provides his readers with a fresh enthusiastic introduction to the theology of sacraments. His readers will be rewarded not only with clear theological information but also with authentically Catholic inspiration. His pen continues to be a blessing for all who seek a deeper understanding of what the Lord has revealed.”
– the late Edward Cardinal Egan, Archbishop Emeritus of New York

In praise of Hail, Holy Queen:

“In simple and straightforward prose, Dr. Scott Hahn’s Hail, Holy Queen explains the place of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Christian piety. Eminently readable and insightfully structured, Hail, Holy Queen examines and analyzes the biblical and theological foundations of Marian devotion with insight and deep faith.”
– the late Edward Cardinal Egan, Archbishop Emeritus of New York

“I highly recommend this splendid work of Scott Hahn. I believe that so many people will find Hail, Holy Queen very helpful in discovering and re-discovering Mary. The book’s style is simple and elegant. Its message, in fidelity to Vatican II, is crystal-clear in concentrating our attention on Mary, the Mother of God, in her relationship to Christ and His Church.”
– Justin Cardinal Rigali, Archbishop Emeritus of Philadelphia

In praise of First Comes Love:

“Hahn reflects simply yet profoundly on the nitty-gritty of life, love, relationships, marriage and family in the context of the bedrock doctrines of Christian Faith. This book is full of good news and solid answers to life’s tough questions.”
– Charles J. Chaput, OFM Cap., Archbishop of Philadelphia

“This is a very fine book. Scott Hahn does an exemplary job in showing how a reflection of the Holy Trinity resonates in the construction of a family. I certainly salute the work that Hahn has done, and congratulate him for it. I assure you that in my view it is not only completely orthodox but also exceptionally useful.”
– Fabian Bruskewitz, Bishop Emeritus of Lincoln

In praise of Rome Sweet Home:

“A moving story of faith and a reminder that the truths of the Catholic Church – especially Humanae Vitae – continue to speak to hearts that are open.”
– the late John Cardinal O’Connor, Archbishop Emmeritus of New York

“I am happy to recommend the Hahns' new book. It is inspiring to read of the power of the faith which has gripped this couple and has moved them to take it seriously and to build their whole lives around it and upon it.”
– the late Anthony Cardinal Bevilacqua, Archbishop Emeritus of Philadelphia

“The story of the Hahn’s journey of faith into the Catholic Church is a story of sincerity, integrity, and profound human interest. This book shows them to be a couple not only deeply in love with each other and their children but also with the Lord Jesus Christ and the Sacred Scripture.”
– Fabian Bruskewitz, Bishop Emeritus of Lincoln