The Bible
Biblical authorship, how the canon was chosen, division of the books, which translation is best, historicity, inerrancy, etc.

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Catholic For A Reason IA Father Who Keeps His PromisesThe Ignatius Study Bible SeriesLetter and SpiritThe Catholic Bible DictionaryFaith Charts: The Bible At A GlanceA Pocket Guide To The BibleUnderstanding the Scriptures

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The Gospel of MatthewSalvation HistoryCalling All Catholics to be Bible Christians - and Vice VersaThe Bible AloneCan You Trust The BibleReading the Bible from the Heart of the ChurchThe Spirit of ScriptureHow to Study the Bible

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Biblical Theology of Benedict XVI

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Introductory Manuals and CommentariesNew Testament Old Testament,Scripture, Tradition and Canonicity Scripture in the Liturgy and Catechesis, Carson, Donald A. and J. D. Woodbridge (eds.). Scripture and Truth.

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Scripture and the Liturgy: Inseparably UnitedScripture is SacramentalSola Scriptura: A Blueprint for AnarchyThe Bible and the Church: Both or Neither (Dr. Hahn), The Historicity of the GospelsAuthorship, Inerrancy, and Historicity of ScriptureNew Light on the Genealogies of JesusThe Complete Bible: Why Catholics Have Seven More BooksChurch Fathers on the 'Catholic Bible'Church Fathers on the Canon of ScriptureScripture, Tradition and Canonicity

Books: Canon And Biblical Interpretation (Scripture and Hermeneutics Series, V. 7),