Magazine Articles

Article published by National Catholic Register
  Behold the 'Pope of the Word of God'

Issue published by Catholic Update
The Creed: Gateway to Grace

Articles published in Lay Witness magazine
  Vatican II: 40 Years Later: Dei Verbum
  A New Scriptural Springtime
  Scripture is Sacramental
  Heaven on Earth
  Last Words
  The Church’s Five Wounds
  Faith in Chance  (with Ben Wiker) 
  The Road to Emmaus: Catholic for a Reason II

  On the Lord's Prayer
  Pater Noster: Our Father
  Our Father Who Art in Heaven
  Hallowed be Thy Name
  Thy Kingdom Come
  Thy Will Be Done
  On Earth as it is in Heaven
  Give Us This Day our Daily Bread
  Forgive Us, As we Forgive
  Temptation, Part II
  The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory

  On St. Paul
  Apostle to the Gentiles
  Apostle to the Gentiles: St. Paul: A Force of Grace
  Apostle to the Gentiles: Talking about our Veneration
  Apostle to the Gentiles: God Our Father
  Apostle to the Gentiles: Paul the Priest
 Apostle to the Gentiles: The New Temple
 Apostle to the Gentiles: The Spirit of St. Paul
 Apostle to the Gentiles: Let Us Go Rejoicing

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