Biblical Interpretation 
Sola Scriptura, Exegesis, Hermenuetics, 
Typology, Senses of Scripture

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Catholic For A Reason ICovenant and CommunionA Father Who Keeps His PromisesThe Ignatius Study BibleLetter and Spirit,The Letter and Spirit JournalScripture MattersSpirit and Life

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Biblical Theology of Benedict XVI

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Biblical Inspiration and AuthorityHistory of Interpretation, Methods and Issues in Biblical InterpretationAspects of Biblical Inspiration by Pierre Benoit, Catholic Theories of Biblical Inspiration Since 1810 by James T. Burthcaell, On the Task of Interpreting Scripture

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Articles: Scripture, Tradition and CanonicityCanon, Cult and CovenantScripture and the Liturgy: Inseparably UnitedWorship in the Word: Toward a Liturgical HermeneuticA New Scriptural SpringtimeScripture is SacramentalSola Scriptura: A Blueprint for AnarchyOn the Task of Interpreting ScriptureHistorical-Critical Scripture Studies and the Catholic Faith (Waldstein), The Historicity of the GospelsAuthorship, Inerrancy, and Historicity of ScriptureIs the Genesis Account of Creation Literally True?St Thomas' Method of Biblical ExegesisSola Scriptura? Not According to the Bible,

Books: 'Sola Scriptura' in the Early ChurchScripture and Truth edited by Donald A. Carson and J.D. Woodbridge, Canon And Biblical Interpretation (Scripture and Hermeneutics Series, V. 7),