Recommended Readings:

Barber - The New Temple, the New Priesthood, and the New Cult in Luke-Acts
Bergsma - Qumran and the Concept of Pan-Israelite Restoration
Eubank - Purchasing the Rewards of Eternal Life
Hahn - From Old to New. Covenant or Testament in Hebrews 9
Holmes - Matthew as Exegete
Huizenga - The Tradition of Christian Allegory Yesterday and Today
Innerst - Divine Pedagogy and Covenant Memorial
Morrow - Historical Criticism as Secular Allegorism
Pitre - Jesus, the Messianic Wedding Banquet, and the Restoration of Israel
Sri - New Approaches to Marian Typology in Luke 1

More Recommended Readings:

Catholic Bible Dictionary excerpts (Doubleday 2009)

Magisterial Sources: